Fishing in Key Largo Can Be a Wonderful Experience

Condo Near PennekampFishing in Key Largo can be a wonderful experience as winter months remain relatively warm. Fishing is the major and popular activity in the city of Key Largo. Key Largo is the largest island in the whole of Florida and it can be located in the northern area of the Keys.

The island is the warm, clear water surrounding Key Largo, which makes it a year-round destination for water recreation like fishing. There is no time of the year that you will not enjoy Key Largo Condo because this is a regular business there. Fishing in Key Largo is a mere fun to tourists and inhabitants of the island.

Climate for fishing in Key Largo

Given its proximity to the equator, the climate of Key Largo is considered tropical. 77 degrees Fahrenheit is the average high temperature in February, with lows dipping to 64 degrees only.

The water is cooler compared to the warmer summer months, but still make fishing in Key Largo possible, with temperatures averaging about 70 degrees. With an average of less than two inches of rain in February, the chance of participation is also among the lowest of the year.


Fishing in Key Largo will still be possible, despite that there is not as much of a variety as you might find in the fall, summer and spring. In Key Largo, permit is fish specie that does well in cooler waters. The average size of this particular fish is between 8 to 16 pounds, although there are other larger fishes weighing 50 pounds but are not as popular as permit.

When you go fishing in Key Largo, expect a fight when you try to reel this fish in. Sea trout are a popular catch from December to April and you can find them in muddier or grassier areas. Reef fishing in Key Largo is also good and you can expect to catch king mackerel and blackfin tuna.

However, if you want to achieve the best results of fishing in Key Largo, a combination of nighttime fishing and offshore trolling is the key. Whether you are a tourist or a dweller of Key Largo, you will always have a wonderful fishing experience.

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